Basement Lowering

There are two main methods of basement lowering: (1) underpinning; and (2) the use of bench footings. Underpinning maintains the square footage of your basement. Bench footings are cheaper and are used only where underpinning is not possible. See the photos below to view the steps of an underpinning job in progress.

                           An opening (with strip door) is created for basement access on this project.

                           Soil is dug up and removed from the basement.

                           The basement floor is lowered by 20 inches.

                           Gravel (4 inches) is spread around the lowered basement floor.

                           Concrete pouring of the new basement floor begins.

                           On this project, radiant floor heating has been installed.

                           Concrete (3 inches) is distributed around the basement floor.